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Cloning Is Fun.

Passion-driven development is the BEST development process out there. When you clone platform that you already like and use daily, you are likely to fall in love with your clone of the app. It's easy to have fun when you are passionate!

Cloning Is Fast.

We all have that one project we started and never finished. If only it took less time to prepare idea, UI, UX, business model... When cloning, all of the overhead is gone and you can focus on coding.

Cloning Is Failproof.

There is no such thing as bad clone. It's a clone, damn it! You clone one page? Great! You clone one feature? Success!. You clone the whole app? Good for you! A clone is as finished as you want it to be.

Cloning Is Fresh.

Start fresh! With each clone, pick a new framework. You will learn the new cool and shiny framework you just read about this morning. It's like Pokemons. Learn them all!

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